iOS version distribution – November, 2012

Unlike the android OS, there is no one source for iOS distribution statistics, I thought I would add Flixwagon’s point of view. I am not sure why, but it is also not very expected:

6.0 55%
5.1.1 30%
6.0.1 12%
5.0.1 2%

All the rest, comes in as less than 1% – and this includes 5.0, 5.1 and 4.3.5 – it probably says something about versions not being upgraded since purchase, and the stats simply represents the spread of time in which the older version were included with the devices.

The Flixwagon+ application might be a little different in nature than an average app, so the stats here are reflecting it, but our stats show that 99% of the user’s have 5.X and up – for the developers out there it’s good news, as you can adopt some new features without worrying over loosing users.

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Better Posts on Facebook

We have updated our method of posting to Facebook, so the posts now looks nicer on mobile and tablet browsers, secured browsers, and more. Keep in mind that all you have to do in order to post a live (and than a VOD) video stream is connect with facebook, and turn on the button on the pre-broadcast bubble….that’s it. If you forgot to do so, you can always do that during the broadcast, and also soon after.

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Flixwagon + HTC = Scribe Integration

I am happy to announce a new Android version for our beloved Flixwagon Geo Edition – A special version for the HTC Scribe devices. With this version, you can use the Scribe Pen during the broadcast to scribe over the live video stream at any time, without using the specific paint menu. Naturally you can use the menu to change colors, brush size, etc.

While using the app on a tablet you will also enjoy a wide view of the maps section (broadcasts near me). For a start, we have decided to charge a minimal fee and include ads – we will soon add more premium features and remove the ads, so grab the software while the minimal price lasts ! (Google prevents developers to make a software free and than change it’s price, so we had to charge the minimal fee).

More ideas about scribe features? More integration ideas? mail our support, we’re interested in hearing !

Download the HTC Scribe Flixwagon App Here.

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iPhone5 Camera Issue… or ours ?

A lot is going on about the iPhone 5, some say that once you hold it you can’t let it go, others are feeling bad about missing features, the maps problems, and so forth.

One of the reported issues surpised me: “When shooting a strong light source, like the sun, a purple haze may appear in the image.”

Some site already pointed out that this is probably not an issue with the iPhone 5, so I will not go deep into it (click the image for such an article at appleinsider), but I do want to remind the obvious – and it effects video shots (including Flixwagon live broadcasting :) ):

If you ever even read something about photography, whether old-style film, or digital, you know that unless very specific effect is desired, and in the hands of a skilled photographer, you should never point your camera to a strong light source, not to mention, the sun. Photographs and videos including a strong light source will suffer from many problems, both due to the effect of the light on the lens, but also due a problematic metering of light on the rest of the image (the parts that are not the Sun).

The camera (or phone) tries to evaluate how much light should be put in the frame, and as the sun is so bright, it basically makes everything much darker. The sun will still show up as white though.

You have the opposite effect when you try to photograph the moon without manual setup – the image is typically black and the camera increases the brightness to the level that the moon appears as a round white ball.

So…you might come up with many reasons not to get the iPhone 5, but don’t let the purple haze be one of them!

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An Alternative for Apple (AAPL) iOS 6 Maps

If you ever used our maps feature (available on Flixwagon Geo Edition for android, Flixwagon+ for iOS and Flixwagon for BlackBerry) you have noticed a clean look, a missing google logo, and no, it’s not the iOS 6 Maps component.

While you can switch to using google component on Android, we are using the NBI NavBuilder Inside SDK to present maps, overlays, direction and Navigation integration.  If you are a developer, you can freely register (we registered at Verizon Wireless) and start using the offering (TCS Site or on Verizon’s Site ) and get your app working right now, providing a better service until the iOS 6 maps issues are resolved.

There’s nothing missing in this SDK and you do get the benefit of a shared capabilities for multiple platform. Give it a try !

Flixwagon presented at CES 2011, First integration with NBI

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Blue Sea, Great Vacation, and….?

It was a great vacation. Partly due to the fact that there was no “real” internet around. One coffee shop, with a satellite internet (that means it is very low bandwidth) and nautrally the owner has made it block anything he could think of, except basic browsing and email. That includes all known VOIP apps (skype, viber, etc.), Video Viewing (Youtube), etc.

I couldn’t resist but trying to broadcast with Flixwagon. One of the basic features of the app is that it is working very well on low bandwidth conditions – it’s only taking longer for the video to get there – and it did just that ! Where all failed, i was able to send live clips using Flixwagon. Not only that, I took clips all over the place, those were cached on my device (offline mode) and were uploaded upon my connection to the internet.

Unlike some apps that use the Flixwagon platform, the consumer Flixwagon app does not allow for voip or video feedback, so I could just speak and not listen to anyone – another aspect of a great vacation :) .

So to sum it up, it’s Blue Sea, Great Vacation, and Flixwagon.

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Our Guess – 3D Camera, Projector, a 3D Projector ???. iPhone 5 Event banners out of Yerba Buena Center

Just as the even is nearing, we thought to throw our guessed interpretation of the hint(?) on the banners. Not a long display (sure it will  have a bigger display area, but I don’t think apple will hint that using out of proportion icons) – we believe it has to do with a new type of display – maybe an internal projector, a 3D camera, or both (3D Projection???).

image by Cult of Mac

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Mobile Video Broadcast Secret #1: 3G can be better than Wifi ?

This is the first of a series of tips that might help you mobile video shooting have better qualities.
When it comes to broadcasting from a mobile device, whether is a video call (Skype, ooVoo) or a multicast (Flixwagon :) ), people have learned to expect less than a perfect result. Though it is true that more and more devices are capable of recrording HD video, it is practically impossible to broadcast such material on anything less than 4G networks.
While on paper wifi is more stable, it is often shared, and therefore more hectic, plus you might end up with less available bandwidth. In many countries a typical wifi connection has a little bit less than a good 3G connection – keep in mind that the “speed” relevant for the outgoing video is the “upload” speed. It is typically smaller by scale from the download speed.
If you have a good 3G coverage, you might be better off sticking to that than sharing a Starbucks wifi connection with a variable amount of users trying to skype their friends…. Unfortunately, You have to test for yourself in order to find out – the most important paramter which is relativly easy to learn, is your own 3G network behaviour.
There are tools out there (e.g. SpeedTest that allows you test your network performance.
See the following ranges and recommandes. The numbers represent an avaerage of measurements of your network in relevant areas:
  • upload speed <200kbps – You are probably on CDMA (EVDO?) – There’s a good chance you should keep on looking for wifi hotspots.
  • 200kbps < upload speed <380kbps – a typical basic 3G. It’s not great, but it’s consistent. If the wifi is even slightly crowded (sometimes two is a crowd) your 3G might do better.
  • 380kbps < upload speed < 1mbps – These are the more advanced networks, it will typically be better to stick to them
  • The rest – you are probably on 4G. There’s no question here.

The fun part is the testing…go ahead. Feel free to share your results with us, at, and don’t forget to broadcast with our mobile app:

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Most desired feature

We are running a poll on facebook, for the most desired feature to our Flixwagon+ editions (iOS and Android for now) – Tell us what you think !

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Flixwagon Plus – The best way to broadcast live video to Facebook

It’s been out for a while, and recently got updated with the Geo feature, so…it’s as cool as the Android app, only has some more features.

Maybe it’s time to remind you folks that when you broadcast live to facebook and someone comments on your post while you still on, you will SEE the comment inside the flixwagon app!

Another important note, as I had many feedbacks about it – this version, like the native camera, will switch it’s orientation depending the way you hold your device. But once you start broadcasting – it will keep the same orientation until you are done.

There are tons of cool features, you may find your favorite one if you download it – and if you are enjoying it, why not spend a little on the premium features?

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